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Anything forced or misunderstood, can never be beautiful.        

                                                                                                       - Xenophon

Dressage training scale of the horse's gaits.

The true purpose of Dressage is to preserve and improve the horse's gaits. 

Although some are more capable of succeeding at the highest levels of Dressage, there is no horse or rider who cannot benefit from systematic and empathetic training.

Above all else, I believe that correct application of training principles should result in a stronger, healthier horse, and a happier, more confident rider. It should also result in a sounder relationship between the two. A rider with empathy and education will always surpass the rider with ambition when it comes to the strength of the bond between her and her horse. As a Dressage trainer offering riding lessons in Massachusetts, I guide horse and rider teams to achieve balance and harmony in their relationship.

Click here for more information on the training scale. 

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